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Expensive Indigo Airlines flight majorly damages expensive luggage Offers Rs 300 as compensation against INDIGO AIRLINES

By Utathya Roy on Friday, April 26, 2013 09:45 AM


Filed under: Airlines

Disputed amount  Rs 3,000.00


Hi :

I wanted to report an instance of utter careless and customer UN-friendly behavior by the Indigo airlines organisation.
I traveled to Pune from Kolkata on 24-April-2013 .
Here is the flight details below for any required reference.
Name: Utathya Roy
Flight #: 6E-136
Date : 24-Apr-2013
Time: 11: 30 am
Baggage Tag #: 0312497520

I have spent more that 7000 bucks for this one-way travel.

I checked in my luggage in Kolkata in an almost new condition. Its an expensive imported American Touristor mid-size

By the time it reached Pune, my luggage appeared man-handled and the sroller handle was broken.Without the stroller my

luggage stands 'un-usable'.
I reported this to the Indigo staffs in the Pune airport and their response was very cold. One Sana Khan & Swapnil Sane

(manager) had a discussion and they offered me Rs 300 as a compensation. This is ten times less than what I have spent

while buying the suitcase.
I have not spend 7000 bucks for an airline service which causes me a loss of an extra Rs 3000 and offers me Rs 300 as a

On refusing to take that amount, I was asked to fill up a form and they said some one will call me on my phone and get my

suitcase 'repaired'. No body called me till date.

Tracer File #: PNQ/6E/136

I think at this point the question is not about the money I lost.(I will anyway NEVER take my chances with Indigo airlines

and make sure my colleagues my network circle are well informed of this incident).
The service and the rude bahaviour of the Indigo staffs has deteriorated so much that the morale of this company has become

questionable. The attitude is more towards how to cheat/evase the customer to earn mone with minimal loss, least worrying

about the service they are supposed to provide to the customers who in turn is helping run their business.

I am travelling to India for a short busy business trip and have a very short stay in Pune. I have no hope of an

appropriate and quick response from the Indigo airlines authority .
Hence I am approaching this forum with great hope of getting this issue resolved and receive a reasonable compensation.
I have previously raised a complaint with India Consumer Forum (Complaint ID: ICF14261) and did get a very quick resolution and am hoping the same.

Thanks & Regards,
Utathya Roy
9748997985(temporary till 16 May)
001-484-393-1769 (USA)

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