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Wrong electric bills, Arrears and Additional payment forcedly by RC against KESCO

By Krishna Kumar Gupta on Thursday, June 20, 2013 02:06 AM

Against KESCO Consumer service

Filed under: Government Organizations

Disputed amount  Rs 34,853.00


I, Shiv Balak Gupta s/o Sri Jhapsi Gupta, resident of 128K/133A Yashoda Nagar Kanpur, was exhausted & disturbed too much by receiving incorrect or non-improved electric bills. I have commercial electric connection No. 008310 and A/c No. 33115965. On dated 03-04-2010, bill of Rs 38794/- was adjusted to Rs.30984/- by one time settlement program which was deposited instantly by cash & hoped for next improved bill. But again, incorrect electric bills were received with arrear of Rs 7810/- monthly. Then again bill of Rs 45841/- was settled to Rs 35907/- by Sujatganj Sub-Station on dated 29-02-2012 then partial payment of Rs 18700/- was deposited by cash immediately. On dated 15-09-2012, again received Bill of Rs 60566/- and disconnected my electric connection from 15-09-2012 to 20-03-2013 (around 6 months). Then after, I was received RC of Rs 64224/- issued by KESCO on 01-03-2013 so the same amount has been paid on dated 13-03-2013 by cheque and also recovery charge of Rs 6428/- by cash. I had lodged complaints several times but always give assurance to be corrected further but again incorrect bill with same arrears was sent to me till now (i.e. No improvement in previous bills surcharges, arrears & settlements). In fact, total actual electrical bill was calculated from dated April-2010 to June-2013 and that was found around Rs 48071/- and I had already paid amount of Rs 82924/- (i.e. excess payment of Rs 34853/-), but KESCO officers had denied to make either any adjustment or improvement of arrears, surcharges & incorrect units.
In this way, the applicant was too much harassed by KESCO management, staff threats of disconnect the connection, always misbehaved & non-cooperative with me. So please help me and I shall be kindful to you.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully,
Krishna Kumar Gupta
S/O Shiv Balak Gupta, 128K/133A, Yashoda Nagar,
Kanpur, (U.P)
Mobile- 9026226124



Calculation Sheet Final

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