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Issue with pamphlet against Vicky Ad Line Company

By Avadhesh on Thursday, June 20, 2013 11:39 PM

Against Vicky Ad Line Company Vicky Ad Line Company

Filed under: Magazines, Newspapers & Media

Disputed amount  Rs 5,000.00


I wanted to open a tuition point , for this, i have given order to a local vendor to print 5000 pamphlet and complete information given to him on paper. While giving order, we mutually agreed that, before printing, vendor will show the design before going to complete printing. Vendor has shown design and i like the design. On that time, i did not check one by one spelling. When i received complete lot of pamphlet and payment paid according to Rs. 300 per one thousand pcs. When i asked for original bill, vendor was not agree to provide bills. When i reached home, i check, lots of spelling mistake which can not be considered.

Requested to do the change and i was ready to pay the paper cost but vendor was not agreed.

I am not able to advertise and everyday i am getting lose. Request you to please do the needful on this.

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