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Infibeam not refunding money after order cancellation against Infibeam

By Sambhaji Gayake on Thursday, July 25, 2013 11:27 AM

Against Infibeam HP 650 laptop

Filed under: Computers & Accessories

Disputed amount  Rs 26,925.00

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My name is Sambhaji Gayake. I ordered HP650 laptop from on June 19th. Order number is 10976812. I paid Rs. 26925 via credit card. Per Infibeam records, order was shipped on June 21st. I was given GATI docket number 193054830. Promised deliver date was June 27th. However product did not deliver on time. When I contacted Infibeam, they told me that product was incorrectly shipped to Bhilwara, Rajasthan. Also dates per GATI records did not match with Infibeam's. Per GATI, they picked up the order on 17th June, while I placed order on 18th June. So this was not my order. GATI told me this is some COD order and customer did not pay so order is shipping back to Delhi. I cancelled the order because of this. I had to call Infibeam a lot of times for this. Finally they told me order is cancelled and they have started payback process. This was around 10th july.

Now in max 10 days payment should have got credited. However even on 21st july, payment did not happen. I again called Infibeam and they told they never started the process. They said they again shipped order to Bhilwara and customer did not pay again and again order is coming back to Delhi. They said that they will start refund process only after they get the package back. Funny thing is this is different order and Infibeam is penalizing me for that. Infibeam has wrongly linked this docket number to my order.

Per GATI records, order was in Delhi warehouse on 12th July, So ideally Infibeam should have started refund process, but they did not do it. I again had to call them to get things moving. But sadly they are not doing anything.

My order was never shipped still Infibeam is yet to start refund process. Please help me in getting my refund as I have lost patience. Infibeam is not telling me correct information and is not starting refund process.



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  • Sambhaji Gayake
    Sambhaji Gayake

    Replied on Friday, August 02, 2013 09:46 AM

    Update 1st Aug:

    Finally Infibeam refunded the money. I had to post the review on mouthshut/abtobolo and other sites and also had to start dispute process from Citibank credit card. Citibank allows to raise disputes in such cases. They investigate it for free and give results if everything is proper. Else you can go via sites like Akosha, but its not free.

    Moral of the story: Never buy from Infibeam. Even if you have to, always do so by COD. Also dont pay COD money till you check the order after delivery. There have been many cases where products were damaged.

    One more more thing, for online shopping always use credit card if not opting for COD. Most credit card companies have dispute process which allows victims to get their money back. Though it may take time, you will get money.

    Also make sure you have written proof of all your communication. i.e. don't just cancel order via phone, also send them a mail on their official mail ID. This mail becomes legal documents and helps in legal fight if needed. Companies like Infibeam don't do anything just based on phone call. Its always important to send mail.

Complaint is closed