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Checked-in baggage was in damaged condition on arrival against SpiceJet Airlines

By Ankit Arora on Thursday, November 06, 2014 09:22 PM

Against SpiceJet Airlines spicejet

Filed under: Airlines


On 3rd Nov (2014) evening, I traveled from Chennai to Hyderabad with my family on flight #SG916.
In Chennai airport, I checked-in 3 suitcases, all of which were screened and in good condition.

When I collected these 3 in Hyderabad airport, I saw 2 problems:

1) One of the suitcases was badly torn from multiple places on the outside. Its totally damaged/unusable now and cannot be stitched/fixed.

2) Two of the 3 suitcases had their zips partially opened and their screening sticker (seal) was broken.

I reported this incident immediately to Spicejet staff (Mr. Rajkumar and Mr. Atul Bisht) in Hyderabad airport. They agreed that the damage was irreparable, took the pictures, told me to submit a written complaint and promised to investigate this issue. The complaint # I submitted there was 28049.
Relevant images are attached with this email.
It has been 3 days and I haven't got any revert on this till now.
I want a compensation for this damage.
I have used these suitcases on multiple other flights earlier and never faced such a problem in the past.
I'm feeling sorry to have traveled by Spicejet.




Here is one picture of the damaged suitcase

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