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Kachara not pick up against self

By hariom_s on Friday, July 10, 2015 02:30 PM

Against self Nagar Nigam

Filed under: Government Organizations


Resp. Sir
I lived in Plot No.183, Indra Colony, Banipark, Jaipur. A Gopinath temple and a Park named “Indra Park” is also situated in our colony. In the front of Indra Park a “Kachara” Centre on the Road situated by Sweeper. Nagar Nigam Sweeper collect the “Kachara” from colony and all “Kachara” dropped here.
First, It is not a place where “Kachara” is dropped.
Second thing is, Nagar Nigam “Kachara” collecting vehicle comes 8. A.M in morning but Sweeper dropped here the “Kachara” after 9.A.M. So there is communication gap between Nagar Nigam workers. “Kachara” spread whole day and a huge smell also comes from them. I also called to our Parshad but all in vein.
Many people comes daily in Indra Park for morning walk and entertain and they also face trouble from “Kachara” and its smell. A temple named Gopinath temple is also situated here. Temple’s Pujari has many cow for selling milk and he also drop Gobar here in huge quantity. But in Nagar Nigam no one is tell to Pujari for this dirty work and all are sit with close eyes. How can a Pujari has many cows and Why Nagar nigam did not take a serious action against him.
Please humble request to change the place of “Kachara” here and also tell the Nagar Nigam collecting vehicle incharge to collect “Kachara” after drop down and completion of Sweeper work.
With warm regards

Yours faithfully
Hariom Sharma
Plot No.183, Indra Colony,
Banipark, Jaipur
Date :-10.07.2015

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