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Fraud Tantriks and astrologers against Tantrik HUSAIN ALI and his team

By Puneet Prinja on Thursday, June 16, 2016 04:12 PM

Against Tantrik HUSAIN ALI and his team astrology and pooja

Filed under: Online Scams

Disputed amount  Rs 29,000.00

In Progress Replies 3  

Tantrik Husain Ali is different from others. He is Charles Shobhraj of Tantriks :)
He first talk very sweet, then also offers you to pay money in small amounts.
Imagine that i paid over Rs.25,000 in instalmemts of 500 and 1000.
And ofcource because he does not know about tantra or astrology, so he can not give results but he assures that he will take help from other senior tantrik because "you are a special case". :)
Months pass, and no effect. saab vaisa ka vaisa hee hchalta reheta hai, and the day you stop paying money and question him, he stops picking your call.

He has a nexus with other tantriks and his chelas and their names are Rohit, Ajay, Gopal. and more.
he keeps changing his numbers. but me and my friend talked to this guy on
while i am writing this he may have changed his names and contact numbers...
sometimes he says he from Ajmer, then his teams says we are from delhi and one guys says we are from Agra.
But i realized it very late that this is the team of frauds. We have already filed a police case and they are now coordinating with state police to catch them.
So beware
you can ask me if you have any query.

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  • Harshitha Oberoi
    Harshitha Oberoi

    Replied on Thursday, June 16, 2016 04:19 PM

    Yes. i guess they are spread over pan india and removed their advertisements from youtube also. i read that theu have a police case filed against them.

    there is another similar case in agra i guess. his name is Kartar singh Jadon. calls himself aghori baba.. :) .

    police arrested him from a cremation ground.

  • Vini Gupte
    Vini Gupte

    Replied on Thursday, June 16, 2016 04:24 PM

    husain Ali topoora hee fraud hai. iske jodidar aur gang member rohit ko abhhee last week police ne arrest bhee kiya hai. maine bhee inko paise de kar bahut badi galti kee thee. inhone mijhe dara diya tha aur pooja karne ke liye paise liye. 10000 Rupaye le liye for phone uthana hee band ker diya.

    bahut hee lutere type ka gang hai ye. bahut bad-dua lagegi inhe
  • Nishi K
    Nishi K

    Replied on Monday, June 20, 2016 10:18 PM

    Totaly agree. I has been into similar situation. I live in delhi and got to know about this trantrik Husain from google search. bolne mein bahut hee sweet aur aisa choona lagaya ke 10,000 Rs lene ke baad phone uthana hee band.
    even apne chamcho, rohit aur ek aur ko bhee mere ghar paise lene ke liye bheja aur vishwas dilaya kee wo kaam ker rahe hain. lekin jaise hee unhe laga ke main ab question poochne lag gayi hoon aur mere se aur paise naheen nikalwa sake, so sabne hee phone uthana band ker diya.

    bahut hee chor uchakon kee team hai ye.

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