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Frustrated with no response to your complaints. Companies/Businesses not paying attention to your complaints.

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How it works?

Dear Consumer, you have had enough, its time to speak up, raise your concern, voice your complaint.

Do not rest till your complaint is resolved.

How it works?

  1. File your complaint with us with all the details & supporting proof.
  2. We will email your complaint to the authorities within the company responsible for resolving the complaints.
  3. Company will respond to the complaint and start the resolution process. We will keep you updated on the progress of your complaint.
  4. We will also tweet your complaint to the company's official Twitter handle and also post it to the brand's Facebook page for speedier resolution.
  5. Your complaint will be posted publicly so other consumers can reply and suggest/help to get your complaint resolved.
  6. Your complaint will be indexed by major search engines eg (google, bing, yahoo) to get maximum attention from the companies and fellow consumers.

Coming up soon:

  1. Send private message to consumers.
  2. Watch any complaint for updates (once a company post a public reply to any complaint you will get notified).
  3. Follow consumers.
  4. Follow brand/company.
  5. and many more...stay tuned!

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